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It's Never OK to Kiss the Interviewer

‘It’s never OK to Kiss the Interviewer’ by entrepreneur, Jane Sunley, is an inspirational book for school leavers, university graduates or employees looking to make themselves more employable and drive their career forward. It offers a fresh approach to securing, thriving, achieving and being happy in your work – every day concerns which are becoming increasingly more critical to resolve as the competition for talent gets fiercer within the hospitality industry and unemployment rates continue to rise.

Launching on 21st January 2014 as a positive antidote to Blue Monday (the worst day for feeling dissatisfied at work), the book takes a practical, easy to do approach, using real life examples from Jane’s experience of moving up the hospitality career ladder, simple tips and proven methods to help the reader gain direction and focus with their career. Throughout, Jane Sunley empowers individuals by changing attitudes and behaviour towards work; whilst they are travelling along the very demanding ’career superhighway’.