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You want your CV to stand out from the crowd so use this template to write an engaging, succinct and achievement focused CV. If you read chapter 9 in ‘It’s Never OK To Kiss The Interviewer’ you will understand why the following format works.

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Now you’ve lost the waffly paragraph at the beginning of your CV, you can send a well-crafted email or other communication that is tailored to the vacancy you’re applying for along with your new achievement focused CV. Trust me, this is way better than putting the employer off with a boring diatribe about your supposed, non-evidence based list of personal attributes. Your well-intentioned careers advisor probably spent ages helping you to write said paragraph. However if you ask any employer they’ll tell you they just don’t have time to read the same stuff over and over again – it’s off putting and an insult to their intelligence.

You can export your CV now so that you can save it and make modifications to it whenever you like.

Happy job hunting!

Export Options

Before you export your CV make sure to check out the templates we have available below (by clicking on the template example link) and pick the one you like best. These are only templates and still allow you to modify and customise them once exported to word.

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Preview Template